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Tips on how to avoid roof replacement in the winter

Tips on how to avoid roof replacement in the winter

Leaking roofs cause serious damage to any home, both inside and out. Water pooling beneath shingles results in warping and breakdown of the underlayment. Perpetual seeping into the attic or behind drywall leads to mold growth. When the leak becomes an inside problem, it forces the need to repair or replace floor coverings or furniture, in addition to making a costly roof replacement. To prevent water from invading and destroying your home during the wet winter season, keep a few tips in mind. (more…)

Want to Make Sure Your Home Is Safe for the Winter Months?

What Makes for a Good Roofer?

In order to find the best roofer for your home, start your search by requesting referrals from other contractors that have previously done work for you. Collate a list of contractors and start checking up everyone. If roofing contractors need to be licensed in your area, try speaking to your local licensing board and find out if a roofing contractor has been subject to any disciplinary action before. (more…)